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Diane's Story

   Hi,I'm Diane, and I have been coming to the Healing

Rooms (before we were renamed Healing Teams) 

in Santa Cruz for about 10 months.  I am 73 Years

old and I have never been sick a day in my life. Not but just

a simple cold or flu maybe. But... a year ago I was diagnosed

with stage 4 lung cancer. 


   It all started when Diane began having shortness of breath and a funny cough. When she saw the doctor they treated her for pneumonia. It wasn't getting better and she ended up in the ER dehydrated. That's when they discovered the cancer and it was diagnosed. " It came as a surprise "  she said reflecting on the matter. 

As things got worse she ended up in the Hospital for 60 days due to complications from the cancer. "It was a heavy experience" says Diane. It was during that time that a family member suggested she see a Healing Rooms Prayer team member they knew to pray with her. "I would love that" she replied. 

She met with them and was able to receive a 1 on 1 prayer session. The Prayer Team member shared after that session that they felt a shift took place. She hadn't yet discovered what that was. Although Diane had a realization of faith. It was then that she knew "this is not going to take my life" she exclaimed. "I am going to be God's Miracle" standing solid in that faith. 

She remained in touch with that Prayer Team member who is still currently on the Santa Cruz Healing Rooms Prayer team.

   After the diagnosis, Diane went in for her PET scan and an MRI and it was discovered that the cancer had spread to not only all throughout her lungs but also the brain, adrenal gland, all the glands in her neck, her rib and even in her spine. "It was serious" she says. Diane then started coming to the Healing Rooms. Only 3 months later; her PET scan showed that all the cancer in the lungs was gone, "the cancer on the rib was 1/2 the size that it was" she says despite all the set backs and complications.  After about her 3rd PET scan their had been only a spec of Cancer left on that rib, not even enough to measure. The Doctors and Nurses began saying "You heal differently" . She started to get told this more and more. The Doctors said "You just don't heal like other people". They were astounded ,"You heal so much faster". They even went further as to say..."We can't understand or explain how it works." Perhaps here had been that "shift" that was taking place.

Then in July of 2019 Diane received her 4th PET scan and the cancer was completed gone. It was officially documented in her PET scan Study Result: Impression: No evidence of recurrent hypermetabolic disease. 


   The Conclusion: With all that Diane knew... this had clearly been the results of the healing hands of Jesus. "Jesus has been with me every step of the way". She continues "not only have a physically received such a gift, I feel I've just grown so much as a person". All throughout her experience she would pray often and talk to God. While she was in the hospital she told God " If you'll just let me live, I will be the beacon of your word." "And I live every day like that" she continues. She feels closer than ever with Jesus and God. Her mission is for her and Jesus to do the work of God and God gets the glory. 


Her faith had been realized. She had truly become God's miracle. Diane's journey has shown us that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that God has a plan and a purpose for us and that nothing, not even cancer, can take that away.

Medically Proven Testimonies

Freedom Posture.jpg

Pancreatitis Healed

A woman received prayer for Pancreatitis  & was re-tested by her Dr. about a month later which revealed she was free of Pancreatitis. The Drs. had no explanation. Healed!

Child like Faith.jpg

Intestinal Parasites Healed

A young boy came to our Healing Rooms the day we opened. He was diagnosed with a Parasite that was resistant to all medical treatment. He suffered from weight loss and was very sick. He was prayed for and he noted that he felt better after the prayer. 3 months later the Dr. re-tested him & the Parasite was gone. The Drs. had no explanation for this. Healed by Jesus!

Encounter in nature.jpg

Brain Cancer Healed

Confirmed by a CT scan- A man was prayed for after having surgery for Brain Cancer. He was told by Drs. they couldn't remove all of the cancer. After having a follow-up CT scan, his Dr. was shocked and had no explanation as to why the cancer was completely gone when the post surgical scan showed numerous areas of remaining cancer that the surgeon could not get to. Healed!

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