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Healing Testimonies From Healing Teams

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Diane's Story - Stage 4 Cancer Healed

Diane was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer all throughout her lungs but also the brain, adrenal gland, all the glands in her neck, her rib and even in her spine. "It was serious" she says. Diane then started coming to the Healing Rooms. Only 3 months later; her PET scan showed that all the cancer in the lungs was gone, "the cancer on the rib was 1/2 the size that it was." Within 3 more months PET scans showed all the cancer gone!  Diane received her miracle from Jesus!


Pancreatitis Healed

A woman received prayer for Pancreatitis  & was re-tested by her Dr. about a month later which revealed she was free of Pancreatitis. The Drs. had no explanation. Healed!!

Intestinal Parasites Healed

A young boy came to our Healing Rooms the day we opened. He was diagnosed with a Parasite that was resistant to all medical treatment. He suffered from weight loss and was very sick. He was prayed for and he noted that he felt better after the prayer. 3 months later the Dr. re-tested him & the Parasite was gone. The Drs. had no explanation for this. Healed by Jesus!

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Brain Cancer Healed

Confirmed by a CT scan- A man was prayed for after having surgery for Brain Cancer. He was told by Drs. they couldn't remove all of the cancer. After having a follow-up CT scan, his Dr. was shocked and had no explanation as to why the cancer was completely gone when the post surgical scan showed numerous areas of remaining cancer that the surgeon could not get to. Healed!

Sheri M.

I was having a mental breakdown. The Healing Team lead me to taking my emotions to Jesus. Jesus washed me in His water & word and I had a total breakthrough!

Antonio V.

“The pain from arthritis greatly decreased. I had a feeling of peace, & felt like crying. I felt God's love much more and that I'm now on the right track."

Brent H.

“The words I received from all 3 team members were very specifically spot on & something God has already been talking to me about. I had pain in 3 areas of my body...all pain left...healed! This was very personal for me, I felt so loved by God as a result of the whole experience!..”
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